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About Flare Linux

Run a Flare server node on your computer now!


  • Docker is installed on your computer: INSTALL DOCKER,
  • An additional 4 GB of RAM for each Node server you wish to run on your computer,
  • An additional 25 GB of storage (HDD or SSD),

Follow these steps:

  • Open a Bash or a ZSH terminal (Mac or Linux), or a Powershell CLI (Windows),
  • Enter the following command in the terminal, and wait for the server to finish bootstrapping (approx. 5 minutes):
docker run -it --rm -p 9650:9650 --name my_flare_server asclinux/flarelinux:1.0.0-rc1 flare --coston

You can run the server in detached mode by adding the 'd' option, like so:

docker run -dit [...]

You can change the version of the Flare server node, by adding a Git commit hash to end of the command, like so:

docker run [...] flare --coston e9ca17eace0

You can find the Flare Network code repository at: https://gitlab.com/flarenetwork/flare

Start testing the Flare API:

Validate a real XRP transaction:

  • Open ANOTHER Bash or a ZSH terminal (Mac or Linux), or ANOTHER Powershell CLI (Windows),
  • Enter the following command:
docker exec -it my_flare_server /bin/bash

  • Once you are inside the Docker container, enter these commands to validate an XRP transaction:
cd /root/flare/client
$( ./bridge.sh xrp ) &
node --no-warnings prove xrp FFB44382D074CB37B63AC9D3EB2D829C1D1FE4D54DC1A0BCC1D23BAE18D53272 2>/dev/null
  • After you are done testing, you can exit the container by typing exit.

  • To stop the Flare server, please enter the following command:
docker stop my_flare_server

Enjoy your new Flare server!


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